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This is where I work, but sadly not always with a sleeping lamb in my arms! 


When I was little my Dad, who was an amazing artist, taught me to hold a pencil even before a knife and fork.  I remember drawing a lot and it didn’t really matter on what surface…. walls, floors and even a rather nice storage box in his study.  He gave me my love of art and wisely supplied me with an endless amount of paper and pencils!


The home I grew up was very creative and my parents thought nothing of making large animals out of chicken wire and papier mache.  My Dad built a beautiful dolls house, (which you can see behind me in the photo), for my Mum after she had seen the ones at Windsor Castle and he then decided to construct a working grandfather clock out of cardboard boxes and tubes, painting it to look like the real thing.  He even managed to fool a friend of his who worked as a valuer for the local auction house! 


My mind was always full of pictures and imaginings. I think one of the reasons I learnt very little at school was because there weren't enough pictures in the books!


I learn best through creativity so when I became a mother, I was keen for my children to encounter the Father’s Word for themselves, through stories or acting out passages from the Bible (which was always total chaos and highly amusing!).  What emerged was the desire to feed children with truths about who God is and who they are in a way that connects them to the Father heart of God.  

Once my children were all at school I began to paint, having not really done much since school. I worked for a hand painted furniture shop in Knightsbridge and then sold oil paintings through a gallery in Brighton. In 2016 I illustrated Miranda Hart's book Peggy and Me and this gave me my first proper taste of illustrating which I loved.

Little Moments for Children started with the kernel of an idea to write and illustrate one children’s prayer book.  But after a whole year of thinking, dreaming, discussing and not much sleep, the initial idea evolved and what emerged was a set of five illustrated books focused solely on our relationship with God the Father. 

The art on this website has been inspired from those books and I hope will feed you with truth and connect you to a God who loves you beyond your wildest imagination!

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