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The Advent Story

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When our children were small, my husband and I really wanted them to enjoy the Bible. We would read Bible stories to them and they would take great delight in 'acting' them out. This was usually utter chaos but a lot of fun!

In the same way, I remember as a child putting on endless plays for my long-suffering parents. I really believed that I was a princess, a maid, a horse or a tree and even though I was generally wearing net curtains and odd bits of clothing, in my mind I was transformed into the world of my imagination.

The Advent Print has been inspired by those times. I have tried to capture the Christmas story from a child's perspective  with them right in the middle of the story.

Each day has a few words that I hope will spark a conversation. The Nativity is one of the most well known stories and I hope I have captured within it some of the wonder, awe, mystery and JOY! Each day, why not take a moment to chat and connect with your child.  Tell them about our wonderful God who sent the most precious thing He could, His only Son, in order to restore us back to an intimate relationship with HIM.

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Christmas Cards

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Please get in touch for any trade enquiries.

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